The quality of grains is first checked visually. Afterwards, our laboratory inspects the chemical/physical quality of grains in order to select the right wheat for every kind of flour. After being carefully washed, the wheat rests in our silos so as to allow the humidity to soften kernels and then it undergoes a process of slow grinding to prevents overheating, which would damage starches and proteins, and maintain the high quality of the end product. 

HACCP procedures are carefully checked, followed and respected by every operator during the whole production process. Before packaging, our flours always undergo careful analysis in our inner laboratory and are also regularly analyzed by an external, certified laboratory so as to ensure their quality. Molino Ariani recently obtained  ICEA Certification, issued by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, that recognizes our right to produce organic flours. 







A new range of products created to cater to the demand for healthy flours from organic farming. Conceived for restaurants, professional workshops and gourmets looking for a high quality product, these flours are certified ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) to ensure their organic origin and their quality. Some flours are gluten free.